Welcome Message

Welcome Message

  • Taek Jeong NAM, PhD, Chair, the organizational committee for 2016 World Fisheries Congress

    It is my great pleasure to invite you to the World Fisheries Congress, which will be held in Busan, Korea in 2016. World Fisheries Congress has been hosted by the World Council of Fisheries Societies since 1991. The 1st World Fisheries Congress was held in Athens, Greece in 1992, followed by Brisbane, Australia in 1996, Beijing, China in 2000, Vancouver, Canada in 2004, Yokohama, Japan in 2008 and Edinburgh, Scotland in 2012. The city of Busan in Korea is going to host 7th World Fisheries Congress under the theme “Challenge to Sustainable Fisheries and Safe Seafoods” from May 23th to 27th in 2016.

    Korea is surrounded by the sea. Thus fishing industry has been one of traditional industries with a long history. Korea has a well-established infrastructure in fishery, aquaculture, and fishery related industries, including training programs in universities.

    In particular, Busan is an ocean city and the second largest city in Korea. Thus, Busan is traditionally famous for marine fisheries in Korea. Busan is making great efforts to develop industry, science and academy related in marine fisheries. Busan will provide an excellent venue for knowledge exchanges and productive discussions of your most outstanding works with world-class scientists in fisheries.

    Busan is proud of wonderful sceneries, cultural heritages, great fish markets, and fishing towns in the vicinities. Busan is also famous as top 4th convention city in Asia and 9th one in the world (UIA, 2013) so that Busan is convenient for you to travel around with its well-established tourism infrastructure.

    I hope you join the 7th World Fisheries Congress in 2016 and I look forward to seeing you in Busan, Korea.

    Taek Jeong NAM, PhD
    Chair, the organizational committee for 2016 World Fisheries Congress